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# Assalamualaikum,I believe that we are who we choose to be. Nobody's going to come and save you,you've got to save yourself. Nobody's going to give you anything; you've got to go out and fight for it. Nobody knows what you want except for you. And nobody will be as sorry as you if you don't get it. So, don't give up on your dreams. Life always offers you a second chance. Its called tomorrow #


Be strong enough to face the world everyday… yet be humble enough to know you cannot do everything.

Be generous enough to those who need your help… yet be frugal enough with what you need yourself.

Be smart enough to know that you may not know everything… yet be trusting enough to know that you need not know everything.

Be wise enough to know that you do not know how everything will happen…yet be innocent enough to believe that miracles do happen.

Be willing enough to share your joys with one and all…yet be willing just as much to receive the sorrows of every other.

Be open hearted enough to be the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds… yet be tight lipped enough to not criticize another who fails.

Be sure of returning love and care when you find them…yet be especially sure to love even more to those who do not love you for they will change, slowly…even as you have.

Above all be the best you can be. For this is the purpose of your very being.

Trial Exam

tuesday [ 1.9.2009 ]
- bahasa melayu 2
- bahasa melayu 1

wednesday [ 2.9.2009 ]
- bahasa inggeris 2
- bahasa inggeris 1
- sejarah 1

thursday [ 3.9.2009 ]
- mathematics 2
- pendidikan islam 1

friday [ 4.9.2009 ]
- sejarah 2
- mathematics 1

tuesday [ 8.9.2009 ]
- pendidikan islam 2
- chemistry 3

wednesday [ 9.9.2009 ]
- chemistry 2
- chemistry 1

monday [ 14.9.2009 ]
- additional mathematics 2
- additional mathematics 1
- pendidikan sivik & kewarganegaraan

tuesday [ 15.9.2009 ]
- physics 2
- physics 1
- physics 3

wednesday [ 16.9.2009 ]
- accountancy 1

thursday [ 17.9.2009 ]
- accountancy 2

Wish me luck ;)
Thank You

How to Wake up for Fajr

Assalamualaikum blogger's,

How do you wake up for fajr? And I don’t mean wake up for a day or two, but how do you keep waking up for fajr, constantly, everyday, without fail. There’s loads & loads of websites online giving you tips and advice on how to wake up early. But our focus is not on worldly tips (which should be taken by all means, part of tying the camel ;)), our focus is on the spiritual means.

My dear brothers/sisters, every day when you read Surah Al-Fatiha, at least 17 times a day, you recite the verse “You Alone we Worship, and You Alone we Seek Help from”: You want to worship Allah? “Yes!” You need His help then. You want to wake up for Fajr? “Yes please!” Guess what, you need Allah. You cannot, I repeat, cannot, wake up for fajr without Allah’s help. Now ask yourself the question, what can I do to show Allah that I truly and utterly want to wake up for fajr?!

Have you ever had days when you’re about to go to sleep, and you have this deep feeling that you’ll definitely wake up for fajr? And have you ever had days when you know for certain that you’ll oversleep? Imagine the two scenarios, which I’m sure some of us have gone through:

Scenario 1:

You feel high with Eman, you’ve prayed your witr, read some Quran, and even though you’ve got 2 hours to sleep till fajr, you’re certain you’ll wake up because you’ve set your mind, heart and body to make sure you wake up. In fact, sometimes you keep on waking in the middle of the night thinking it’s fajr time out of fear that you’re going to miss it. If you haven’t experienced this, think of a time when you had to catch an early flight or a bus/train, and think of how your mind, heart and body were switched on, and it doesn’t matter what time you slept, you’ll wake up.

Scenario 2:

There are days when deep down you really don’t want to wake up, you hope that you “oversleep” so you feel less guilty about it, and Allah may have mercy upon you and still wake you up, and that’s when the battle with the snooze alarm starts and the classic shaytaan trick “just 5 more minutes…” begins.

How do we maintain scenario 1 everyday?

With these 2 scenarios, one details a feeling deep down inside that you’re definitely waking up, and another where you know you won’t wake up because deep down inside you don’t want to and you’re not ready to take the fight against shaytaan of waking up in the morning.

Below I detail some practical and spiritual tools, that will help you in achieving scenario 1 all the time Insyaallah:

Spiritual Tools

Know who Allah is: This is the key and number one tool to waking up for Fajr. If you know Who you’re worshipping, and you know that He requests that you get up in the morning and pray to Him, you’ll wake up. It’s our lack of understanding of who Allah is that makes us slump into scenario 2 all the time. Know your Lord, that’s key.

Sincerity: Be sincere about waking up for fajr, don’t just say to yourself: “InshaAllah, it’ll be nice if I wake up for fajr” be sincere about it, and say: “I will wake up for fajr” I find it useful sometimes to talk to myself about it before going to sleep and say: “I will wake up for fajr, i don’t care how, but I’ll definitely will!”

Wudu before sleep:
Ibn Abbas reported that Allah’s Messenger said: “Purify these bodies and Allah will purify you, for there is no slave who goes to sleep in a state of purity but an Angel spends the night with him, and every time he turns over, [the Angel] says, ‘O Allah! Forgive Your slave, for he went to bed in a state of purity.” Do you think that such a person would be left to oversleep and miss fajr?

Witr Prayer + Dua: Make sure you don’t sleep before performing your witr prayer, and supplicate to Allah during your Witr prayer to help you wake up for Fajr, remember, “You Alone we Worship, and You Alone we Seek help from”

Read some Quran: Ending the day with verses of the Noble Quran will sure put your focus straight on waking up for salaat. Prophet Muhammad used to recommend that we recite Surat Al-Sajdah, and Surat Al-Mulk (Chapters 32 and 67) before going to sleep.

Remember Allah before you go to Sleep:
This is part of the first point I made, and you can find all the supplications you need to recite before going to sleep here. You might need to print them off and read them off paper at first, but within a week or two you should be able to memorize them fully and just recite them before dozing off.

Remember the rewards attached to Fajr Solat: from being safe from being a hypocrite, to having light on the day of judgement, to being under Allah’s protection the whole day, to having laziness removed from us that day and being productive. Remember these rewards and you’ll sure wake up.
Other tools I use that help me a lot:

Ask a friend/family member to wake you up: This is the number one rule for me to wake up. Get a family, friend, spouse to wake up, and help each other, if you get up before them, don’t be selfish and make sure they are awake too.

  • 1.5 hours sleep rule: Aaaah.. here’s a secret trick, there’s a theory in the Sleep science that says that every human being completes an entire sleep cycle in 1.5 hours, therefore, if you can wake up at the end of a multiple of 1.5 hours (e.g. 1.5 hours, or 3 hours, or 4.5 hours..etc) you’ll wake up fresh and rejuvenated. Otherwise, you’ll wake up lazy. So if fajr is at 5am, and you sleep at 12am, make sure you set your alarm at 4.30am, because that gives you 4.5 hours to sleep. (Of course, if you take 1/2 an hour to fall to sleep, you might need to add that into your calculation).
  • Nap in the afternoon: Another lifehack, taken from the Sunnah and recommended by many, make sure you nap in the afternoon, for just 20 minutes! yup, just 20 minutes. Trust me, for the past 3 years, I’ve mastered the 20 min nap, and everytime it never fails to rejuvenate me. If you need to train yourself to nap for that long, I highly recommend, a wonderful software that trains you for these short naps, it’s what I used to train myself.
  • Promise yourself a grand breakfast if you wake up for Fajr: I’m a breakfast guy, so if I wake up early, I sure like to have a big breakfast. Sometimes i look forward to my breakfast from the afternoon before, and just like a small reward, treat yourself to a massive breakfast in the morning. It’ll definitely set your day straight as well inshaAllah.

Well, that’s all I can think of. If you think of new ideas, or you have other ways to wake up for fajr and hence keep up your productivity boost, give me a shout in the comments section below!

A Sign


The first verse of the Qur’an is an interesting one:

“All Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.” [al-Fatihah: 1]

Have you ever wondered what the word, ‘Alameen’ really means? Most of the time it is translated as ‘worlds’ or ‘all things’ etc. But is there a deeper meaning to it?

Well, one interesting take by the scholars (such as Sh. Muhammad al-Amin al-Shinqiti in his tafsir ‘Adhwa al-Bayan) is that this word comes from the Arabic word: ‘alamah which means ‘a sign’. Because everything in the heavens and the earth, everything in the world and all the Worlds out there, is a sign pointing to the existence and power of Allah, the Creator.

Allahu akbar

New Born

Assalamualaikum semua.

New born?? Maka pada tarikh yang termaktub ni saya sebagai manusia yang bernama
akan mula berblogging okey.

Wah diharapkan bloggie aku ni jadi teladan pada yang lain
dan jangan lupa follow okey..
Kepada bakal2 yang selalu follow blog aku ni selalulah tinggal kan
jejak korang sebabnya aku tidak akan biarkan korang
begitu sahaja mungkin kita boleh kenal2 lebih rapat melalui penulisan kita semua..

Ada masa follow dan komen okey...

Thank You