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Bilal ibn Rabah

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Did you know that the Azan is god’s call for you to 
come meet him and talk to him?

This story I’m about to tell is about one of the friends of Prophet Mohamad. This man’s name was Bilal, Bilal ibn Rabah.

Bilal was a born a black slave in Mecca, Being born a slave, he probably never expected life to offer him more than hard work, pain and drudgery. When Bilal heard the message of Muhammad, that there is no God but Allah, He became Muslim. Umayya ibn Khalaf, his owner and a wealthy Mecca, was worried that Muhammad and his message would disrupt life and religion in Mecca. Umayya ibn Khalaf tortured Bilal terribly for his acceptance of Muhammad’s message. Bilal was beaten ruthlessly, dragged from the neck, and stayed for long periods of time without food or water. Umayya ibn Khalaf would bring him out to the hottest part in the desert at the hottest part of the day and put a great rock on his chest, then he would tell Bilal that he would stay here until he dies or rejects Muhammad’s message and worship their idols.

News of the slave who cried out ‘There is no god but Allah!’ in the middle of torture reached Prophet Muhammad and his friends. Abu Bakr, Prophet Muhammad’s closest friend, came upon the open field where Bilal was being tortured for amusement. Abu Bakr argued will Umayya ibn Khalaf over treating Bilal like this and this dispute ended will Abu Bakr buying Bilal from Umayya. Bilal was cared for and nursed back to health.

Upon Bilal’s recovery, he was taken to Prophet Muhammad. He stood by the prophet’s side giving support and calling others to Islam. Bilal loved to be in the company of Prophet Muhammad and became very close to him. Various traditions mention Bilal having the honor of waking with the Prophet each morning and spending as much time as possible in his company.

Across the globe, the Azan calls the Muslims to prayer (5 times a day). Its beautiful sound calls out across cities, villages, beaches, homes, meadows and beaches. The sound of Azan is basically everywhere. Many people have entered the religion of Islam simply from hearing this beautiful sound that fills the sould with happiness. When the Azan calls out, it means it is time to pray. Because of his beautiful voice, Bilal had the honor of being the first man in the world to call the Azan and call the Muslims to prayer.

When the Muslims migrated to Medina. It was in Medina that Prophet Muhammad (saw), began the work of setting up the Muslim nation. Prophet Muhammad was concerned and anxious to find a way to summon the Muslims to prayer. He wanted something unique, from there Bilal got the job of saying the Azan 5 times a day… After the migration Bilal accompanied Prophet Muhammad on all his military expeditions. He fought in the Battle of Badr, and he killed his former master, Umaya ibn Khalaf. Bilal was also at the battle of Uhud and the battle of the Trench. Bilal’s life after Islam contained many moments of great joy. For example: After the Muslims had conquered Mecca, Bilal ascended to the top of the Kaaba (the house of God), to call the Muslims to prayer. This was the first time the call to prayer was heard within Islam’s holiest city.

After Prophet Muhammad’s death, Bilal never felt the same again. A day after the Prophet’s death, Bilal went to make the usual Azan for fajr . While saying the Azan he broke down in tears and they began to roll freely down his cheeks. After that, Bilal stopped calling the Azan in Medina.

Staying in Medina was too hard for Bilal and he left. Later, when he visited Medina, he agreed say the Azan at the request of the Prophet’s grandsons and everybody started crying.

Bilal died just over sixty years old. His story of Islam is a powerful story, involving slavery, conversion, torture, and rescue. It talks about racism and teaches us that piety is the only way to measure a person’s worth. Bilal’s story is also the story of the Azan.

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