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Hijab? What is Hijab? Is it a fashion or to cover ourself?

Hello and Asslamualaikum...

Hijab Dos and Don't

How to wear hijab properly?

These images show How to wear Hijab properly.

Hijab is NOT a piece of cloth that you can wear it however you want. Hijab is about covering your body, purify your intention, the way of life. Also, it’s about what’s on your mind.If you want to please people or sake of them then it’s not called Hijab.

Nowadays, Girls wear hijab because of their family’s compulsions. We need to understand that Islam teaches not to force anyone to do something. I think that the problems with this the parents failed to taught them about islam from the beginning. Also, the most time, children don’t learn what their parents teaching if they don’t practicing Islam. Kids learn by what their parents doing. There is no point of the girls told to be wear hijab or follow religion if the parents don’t follow them. It’s doesn’t make sense.

Not everyone can wear hijab properly, if only Allah wills and they have pure intention why they doing it for – Sake of Allah, Not for people.

In my point of view, People who wear hijabs, niqabs and who cover themselves sake of Allah are blessings from Allah. Alhamdulillah. I am so proud of that but I have to start wear niqab soon Insyaallah.

This is not called Hijab If you hijab with tight clothes which isn’t covered all your parts of your body. Not a little hair shown. Hijab is not a fashion trend that you can adapt into culture or society. We all need to understand that hijab is not a fashion thing; it is way of covering yourself, being modest like a pearl in the shell.

Truly By,
Nurul Shazwani Ariffin ;)


  1. very good points indeed. may Allah gives us strength to 'istiqamah' with every good things that we practice.

  2. Totally agree with you, sis. We have to cover our aurah properly and make sure not to attract people's attention. :)

    1. Thanks you for your comment and your opinion, niena.. ;) It's simple actually! Following the syariah is about protecting you from harm. It's protecting you from the eyes of 'wild muslim'. And remember, dressed up nice pretty beautiful not to get praise from others, but to please Allah swt. No matter what type of hijab do you wear, what type of colour do you choose, or what kinda ways you're styling the hijab, it's all your right. Just dear muslimah, use the veil to cover your chest please, absolutely cover your aurat. Muslimah wearing hijab perfectly is so forever beautiful! heee

  3. drop by here :)
    yes truly indeed. hopefully i can become one and better in wearing proper hijab

    1. hey thanks liza licha ;)
      One day, you can be true muslimah and a good muslim too... insyaallah ;)

  4. May our sisters realize the essence of hijab and that this hijabified fashion trend nowadays is an innovation to gain the pleasure of others. Let’s always put our faith to Allah (SWT) and gain His pleasure only.

  5. This issue is really delicate and we need to raise awareness about this. Hijab has become a fashion trend to many sisters. May Allah grant us all the ability ti realize the importance of this beautiful gift of His.