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# Assalamualaikum,I believe that we are who we choose to be. Nobody's going to come and save you,you've got to save yourself. Nobody's going to give you anything; you've got to go out and fight for it. Nobody knows what you want except for you. And nobody will be as sorry as you if you don't get it. So, don't give up on your dreams. Life always offers you a second chance. Its called tomorrow #

Who am I?

Who am I

A-lot of people go through life not knowing who they are, without a purpose (going with the flow of events). If you ask them what are they good at they wouldn’t know… It may seem as a good plan but it isn’t where is your own personality? Everybody has something special in them that NOBODY else has, a special talent, you have to find that out. Sit with yourself for 10 minutes today, just 10 minutes out of 24 hours and plan your life… What do you want to be? How are you going to be successful? Which college do you want to enter? Do you have a back up plan if you fail? What am I good at? What is my specialty?

All these are things only you have the answer to and you have to unlock it, going with the flow could seem easy but you will not gain anything, you live –> you die, what will you have achieved? Set a plan for yourself, plan your own future before fate does it for you…

P.S: Don’t forget that you are as unique as your fingerprint

That's All,
Nurul Shazwani Ariffin

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